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Our Summer/Fall 2021 waitlist is full at this time. Please check back later in case anything changes.

Jonas at 8 weeks

Photos and videos of previous litters can be seen on our Facebook page.

About Dark Water Labrador Puppies

We are a hobby kennel and only breed a litter when we are keeping a puppy for ourselves. Prior to breeding a litter, both the dam and sire have thorough health testing (OFA hips/elbows/cardiac/eyes, genetic testing for EIC, PRA and other genetic conditions).


Our goal is to produce a happy, healthy, active Labrador who not only conforms to the breed standard physically, but is also capable of performing in the field and other dog sports. By breeding with such goals, our puppies excel at pretty much anything that can be asked of them and make excellent pets for active families. They are not only beautiful, but have brains, too! If you take a look at our dogs, you can see the various titles they've obtained in multiple venues. They are first and foremost our pets and not only live indoors, but share our bed and couches with us.

All puppies are sold on AKC limited registration with a mandatory spay/neuter contract, which means that they cannot be bred. Limited registration allows the owners to enter all performance events such as rally, obedience or hunt tests, other than conformation.

Puppies are whelped and raised in our home until they go to their new homes around 7-8 weeks in age. They receive plenty of human and dog interaction, as well as introductions to many household noises and items. For the first two weeks, we practice Early Neurological Stimulation everyday. When they are a bit older, we take multiple car rides, play with dog-savvy children and go on short field trips for socialization. Puppies are dewormed multiple times, receive their first vaccine and microchip before they go to their new homes.

We carefully evaluate the puppies' temperaments and match them with the buyers based on compatibility. Typically we don't choose our puppy until 6-7 weeks of age.

Puppy Activity Box
Male black lab puppies

What's the difference between "American" and "English" Labradors?

It can be a little confusing trying to understand all of the terminology used out there. Dark Water Labradors believes in producing Labradors that conform to the written breed standard and can do the work they were intentionally bred for. We prefer using the term "show bred" for our dogs, but others may refer to them as "English" type. Click here for another article outlining the different terms.

Are you ready for a Labrador Retriever puppy?

Labrador Retriever puppies are so much fun, but they are also a lot of work. They require supervision, training, veterinary care and lots of time and love.

As Labradors are retrievers, they are often very oral, meaning that they like to put just about anything in their mouths.. this means chewing on furniture, your prized leather boots, fingers, etc.

Labradors also shed... a LOT. Be prepared to find their hair on every piece of clothing, in your freezer, in the drawers, etc. No matter how much you clean, vacuum and brush your Labrador, it gets everywhere.

If you are looking for more information about Labradors, please read this article and these FAQs.

Bliss with puppies